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About Nature's Laboratory

Founded in 2002 by James Fearnley, Nature's Laboratory is a leading manufacturer of natural health products. We also spearhead in-depth research and analysis and are developing innovative technology to drive the natural health industry forward.

Our Team

Common Cause CIC Staff

Natures's Laboratory support Common Cause, a not-for-profit community interest company which runs The Dispensary, a health shop in Whitby. We cover the staff costs for the shop, which would otherwise not be viable.

  • Zoe Curran
    The Dispensary Manager

    Zoe is employed by Nature's Laboratory to run The Dispensary health shop in Whitby and engage with our local community.
  • Alice Stevens
    The Dispensary Assistant

    Alice works alongside Zoe in The Dispensary on a part-time basis.

Based in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Nature's Laboratory is based in Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast. We're surrounding by the North Sea and the beautiful and rugged North York Moors National Park.

Whitby is an enterprising town, with a vibrant community. Primarily known for its connection to James Cook and as the inspiration for Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', Whitby is a popular seaside destination and a wonderful place to live and work.

Company Timeline

  • Founded in 2002 by James Fearnley, Nature's Laboratory is now a leading manufacturer of natural health products
  • Nature’s Laboratory has created a global research community as well as developing innovative natural health technology
  • Nature’s Laboratory is pioneering a model of social and cultural responsibility which it believes can provide the sustainable and healthy businesses of the future
  • Nature's Laboratory Limited Founded
    18th February 2002
    James Fearnley founded Nature's Laboratory Limited to research and develop the medicinal properties and products of both plants and beehive products.


  • BeeVital launched by Nature’s Laboratory
    July 2002
    BeeVital the home of Apiceutical Medicine (medicine from the beehive) is launched, focused on research and development of medicines from propolis and other medicines from the hive.


  • Herbal Apothecary Joins Nature’s Laboratory
    January 2005
    Nature’s Laboratory moves Herbal Apothecary, one of the UK'’s most trusted manufacturers of herbal medicines from its home in Leicester to its new factory in Whitby.


  • Sweet Cecily's Launched
    January 2011
    Sweet Cecily's was officially launched in 2011. With our years of experience & expertise with plants and natural products, we decided to develop our own range of natural skincare.


  • ARC - Apiceutical Research Centre Launched
    March 2011
    Nature’s Laboratory launches ARC and a plan to build a global research centre, exploring the medicinal properties of all bee products (apiceuticals) as well as sustainable beekeeping. The project is supported by an international board of academic researchers.


  • Common Cause CIC launches The Dispensary
    December 2012
    Professor David Bellamy launches The Dispensary, the Nature’s Laboratory inspired Community Health Store in Whitby, North Yorkshire. The project now includes a community library and a community bakery jointly run with Esk Valley Camphill Community. The Dispensary promotes future health, encouraging, supporting, and initiating social, economic & cultural health in our local community.


  • IPRG - International Propolis Research Group
    Febrary 2016
    Nature’s Laboratory brings together an international community of researchers focused on developing the medicinal properties of propolis. The IPRG runs international conferences annually.


  • Threes Company launched by Nature’s Laboratory
    June 2017
    Building healthier organisations by helping them to identify, audit and balance their social, cultural, and economic life.


  • The BeeArc Project Launched
    March 2018
    The BeeArc – The Nature of the Future - launched by Nature’s Laboratory. BEEARC is a social enterprise developing a Discovery & Cultural Centre, Research Centre and model Sustainable Community inspired by the honeybee.


  • Hivechat Launched by Nature's Laboratory
    January 2019
    Building Community Through Communication – a unique and innovative community communications platform – helping organisations and groups relate and grow together putting on seminars, workshops & virtual conferences.


  • Jack Barber Ltd Merges with Nature's Laboratory
    April 2021
    When Jack joined Nature's Laboratory, he brough with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Jack , now Managing Director, is integrating the multi-faceted activities of Nature’s Laboratory, and transforming our ability to communicate with the world. Jack is also continuing to develop Jack Barber Ltd as a community web business within Nature’s Laboratory.


  • United Kingdom Phyto-Apitherapy Association
    March 2022
    Nature’s Laboratory has stimulated the creation of UKAPA which brings together practitioners of both phytotherapy ( the use of plants or herbs as medication to treat or prevent diseases) and apitherapy ( the use of honeybee products to treat illnesses & their symptoms) to share knowledge and experience and to promote natural medicine.


James Fearnley

James is a social, economic, and cultural entrepreneur applying his innovative concepts to economics, education, and community development as well as natural medicine. He has started over 30 social, cultural and economic initiatives over the last 40 years.

Our Commitments


Research lives at the heart of everything we do at Nature's Laboratory. Working in partnership with leading universities, and undertaking our own projects in-house, Nature's laboratory works to further our understanding of natural medicines. Our multi-disciplinary team continues to develop innovative new technology which facilitates analysis and research of natural health products.


The products we produce are of the highest quality. We work with trusted suppliers, sourcing raw ingredients from the UK and around the globe. We operate HACCP and are ISO accredited, which ensures we continue to develop our quality systems and processes. We were one of the first businesses to be awarded the HerbMark - a quality mark for manufacturers of herbal products established by the BHMA.


We work to promote the use of herbal medicines. This includes supporting practitioners and practitioner groups such as NIMH. Our support of Common Cause, a community interest not-for-profit company in Whitby also demonstrates this as we enable easy access to natural health products, healthy food and therapeutic activities.

Nature's Laboratory are a research-focussed manufacturer & supplier of natural health products. How can we help you?

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