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The Wonder of Propolis

Jack Barber in Nature's Laboratory Blog

For 30 years we have been researching the medicinal properties of bee propolis. Propolis is a remarkable substance that bees use to keep their hives free from infection.

13 April 2021

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What Is The Immunity Community?

The COVID-19 pandemic has reawakened the world to the delicate balance of nature. It has reinforced our recognition of the complexity and beauty of nature. It has reminded us how fragile we are. We’re exploring ways of supporting the health of people, organisations and communities.

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Threes Company emerged out of Nature’s Laboratory’s work in the community. For decades we have been developing social and cultural enterprises. We want to create the sustainable business model the future needs.


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Nature’s Immunity Community

Nature itself is a network of complex communities. An ecosystem which protects, balances, restores, and calibrates itself. It is its own immune defence mechanism. But things can go wrong. Take, for example, Colony Collapse Disorder. This phenomenon illustrates what can happen when one of these communities experiences stress. Stretching nature to breaking point can have devastating consequences.

The Human Immunity Community

Human immune systems are no different. Our immunity is easily compromised. Without a healthy immune system we leave ourselves prone to illness and disease. A weakened immune system leaves an open door to viruses or bacteria. A robust immunity helps ward off illness and disease.

The Organisation’s Immunity Community

All organisations must find a balance between social, economic and cultural values. When one realm dominates the others the organisation’s health will suffer.

The Social & Cultural Immunity Community

Cultures and societies also have their own immune defence. These are also related to the social, economic and cultural realms within them. Without balance cultural and societal health can become damaged.