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Research has always been at the heart of Nature's Laboratory's work. Over the years we've forged partnerships with universities, other businesses and research partners around the globe. Our intention has been to explore the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of natural health products.

Some of Our Research Partners

  • We've developed innovative patented technology with our partners at University of Bradford.

  • Working with University of Strathclyde we have published numerous research papers and organised ground-breaking conferences.

  • We are currently undertaking a PhD research project in partnership with UEL exploring extraction methods.

  • With Leeds Beckett University we have funded research looking at the potential of propolis to reverse the effects of antibiotic resistance.

Our Laboratory

As well as working on collaborative projects with external partners Nature's Laboratory have our own in-house lab.

Staffed by our talented R&D team we have various pieces of laboratory equipment normally only found in much larger organisations.


HPLC Analysis

HPLC stands for High-Performance Liquid Chromotography. It can be used to detect the existence of a specific chemical or range of chemicals within a liquid. Within our work at Nature's Laboratory we've used HPLC analysis to determine levels of specific chemical compounds within herbal medicines, for example.

Specific Gravity, pH and Dissolved Solids Testing

Specific Gravity (sometimes called Relative Density) testing is used to determine the density of a substance in comparison to a given reference. pH testing determines how acidic or alkali a substance is, or whether it sits within safe tolerance. Dissolved Solids testing reveals how much material has been disolved into a liquid during an extraction process, this can be an indication of how efficient an extraction process is.

Pesticide Testing

Trace levels of pesticides are increasingly common, as modern agricultural practices depend on chemical fertilisers. We can test organic materials for traces of pesticides and produce a report stating the safety or otherwise of the materials.

Microbial Testing

Microbial Testing determines whether a food item, or some other edible material, is safe for consumption. Microbial Testing is commonly used in food and health manufacturing.

Report Preparation

Our team can produce reports or presentations, making scientific analysis easily digestible and undertstandable.

Lab Analysis Fees

All of our laboratory services are available to third-party organisations needing a reliable lab in the UK to undertake testing and analysis.

Below is a guideline only and are excluding VAT. For an accurate quote please contact our team with details of your project.

  • HPLC £280/day
    This covers a single member of staff and use of the HPLC machine. This excludes any consumables such as marker compounds required for your analysis.
  • Specific Gravity, pH and Dissolved Solids Testing £50/hr
    These tests vary in complexity but can generally be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time so are charged at an hourly rate.
  • Microbial or Pesticide Testing £30/sample
    We will have your material tested for microbial or pesticidal content and provide a comprehensive report detailing the results.

How Can We Help You With Your Natural Health Research Projects?

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International Propolis Research Group

Propolis is an amazing natural medicine. At Nature's Laboratory we're experts in propolis research. In order to push this exciting area of research further, our CEO James Fearnley founded the International Propolis Research Group.

This is a collaboration between Nature's Laboratory and multiple researchers and organisations around the world.

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