How We're Streamlining Payroll Using Timemoto and Perch

By Jack Barber - 07 May 2021

In many ways, every company is a technology company. We all use technology. Websites, emails, social media, word processing - there are very few business processes which do not depend on technology to some degree.

At Nature’s Laboratory we want to harness technology for the benefit of our business, and ultimately our customers. To that end, refining and improving our internal systems is a high priority at the moment.

Having recently joined the company, I’ve beek tasked with looking after payroll and holiday allowances. Up until now these tasks have been performed using a number of spreadsheets alongside paper records. But this week we’ve stepped things up a bit.


Timemoto provide clocking in machines for businesses. Their hardware seems well built and the online cloud service provides a clean dashboard for viewing data, managing staff and so on.

At the factory we have a Timemoto machine and each member of staff clock in and out each day. Not wanting to be restricted by the options within the Timemoto system, I’ve started using the webhook facility to send clock in/clock out messages to our own internal monitoring system.

As each staff member clocks in or out, the time along with their name is passed from our Timemoto account to a bespoke application I’m building which logs the information.

Perch App

Within our website I’m building an app which allows us to view and manage all the information around staff, wages, holidays and so on. Our website is built using Perch CMS, which includes a handy framework for developing bespoke apps.

So far I’ve built the start of the staff management tool. We can:

  • Add and edit staff members
  • Log hours agains their profile
  • Edit their hours (in case of forgetting to clock in or out)
  • View total hours worked for any month either against a single staff member or the company as a whole

What’s Next?

The next step will be to create a holiday management tool. This will allow to define holiday entitlement for each staff member, log their future holiday dates and calculate remaining days within the year.

We’ve got big plans for this system. Not only will it help us improve our internal processes but we’re also planning some interesting projects around automation and data visibility. I’ll be sharing more of the build process as it happens. Stay tuned!